The Pupil Premium Grant and Equality 

The governing body has a responsibility to report progress in the following areas. Attached to this page you will find documentation that reports about our use of Pupil Premium funding,  School equality objectives, Accessibility planning as well as our additional educational needs policy. We hope you will find it useful.

The Pupil Premium Policy document Pupil Premium Grant, and Information on how we used Pupil Premium funding  Pupil Premium Funding in 2016-2017 Click Here,

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Pupil Premium Funding for 2017 – 2018

The allocated Pupil Premium budget for 2017 – 18 is £28,300

Projected areas of expenditure will reflect the following areas.

  • Focused and targeted individual support for certain PP pupils based on evidence from new tracking software and new national curriculum assessment tests.
  • Identified provision to support accelerated progress for FSM pupils of all ability levels.
  • Deployment of focused specific specialist teaching time to those PP pupils with identified needs .
  • Provide funding to allow all FSM pupils access to a broad and varied curriculum Enhance experiences and increase access for FSM pupils to the curriculum. To ensure that there are no additional barriers to access.
  • Provision of targeted FLO support for PP pupils
  • Intensive TA support for maths and literacy with identified PP KS 2 pupils during spring term to support assessment process
  • Further extend use of assessment resources for diagnosis and recording progress in this group.