The Governing Body of East Farleigh Primary School  

Welcome to East Farleigh Primary School Governors Page. The Governing Body has overall responsibility for managing the School and are involved in setting the strategic direction of the School, including policies, reviewing the school budget and achievement of objectives. In practise, this involves supporting the Headteacher and Staff in developing and implementing policies for the School (e.g. Health and Safety), and promoting the School in the local community.
Governors are not involved in the day-to-day running of the School, this is the responsibility of the Headteacher, but do visit School during the academic year to monitor and support the School.
The Governing Body is structured to reflect the management of the School. We have a Resources Team, Teaching and Learning Team and a Strategy Team. In addition to these, Governors may be involved in smaller teams for specific tasks as required. The main three teams have deligated responsibility in defined areas and feed ideas and suggestions to the main Full Governing Body meetings. The Full Governing Body meet 3 times per year and each team meets three or four times as required. The minutes of meetings are available for inspection outside the school office at any time.

Governing Body Membership
Governors are volunteers drawn from the school and the local community. When recruiting new Governors, the Governing Body uses a skills matrix from its own self-assessment process in order to ensure appointments improve the effectiveness of the Governing Body as a whole. Anyone interested in joining the Governing Body should speak with the Head Teacher or Chair of Governors. We are currently looking for people with experience in project management, finance or premises management in particular. You do not need to have education specific experience as training is provided both online and via training courses run through the local authority. 


Our Governors

Chair of Governors

Helen Randall

Vice Chair of Governors

Wendy Williams


Simon Wright


John Wilson


Lacey Austin


Lucy Clark

Parent Governor

Nicola Mackay

Parent Governor

Katie Smith

Clerk – Mrs Susannah Adams

Governors Register of Business Interests click here

The governing body can be contacted via the Headteacher at or

In the unfortunate event that you have a complaint about the school, in the first instance you should contact the Headteacher and arrange an appointment to meet and discuss the issue. Most problems can be amicably settled at this stage. However, if after this the matter needs to be considered further, then a copy of the official complaints procedure should be obtained from the School office.

Governing Body Report 2015 /16

Following the last Ofsted inspection rating East Farleigh Primary School as ‘Good’ in all areas, we have been keen to build upon strengths and develop the school further. Our on-going aim is to address areas for development as indicated in the report or highlighted by our own school self-evaluation. The school self-evaluation considers feedback received from all staff, children and parents during the course of the year, this is then used to develop a school improvement plan for the following year.

The current school plan focusses on the following areas.

In attainment we will be continuing to focus on sustained and accelerated progress, maintaining or increasing the levels of expected or greater than expected progress and ensuring that data is consistent with no significant gaps in the performance of the potentially vulnerable groups.

With regard to teaching and learning we will focus on monitoring our staffing structure, maintaining our levels of good teaching and increasing the levels of ‘Outstanding’, working with the children to develop independent learning and implementing a programme that develops individual learning skills. This year we focus on reading comprehension, formative assessment and outdoor education.

Leadership and management will continue to focus on promoting a good outcome to the next inspection. The leadership team will continue to build on the strengths of this year, sustaining and developing a newly established team of teachers, developing the role of new governors in evaluating school performance and securing middle leadership whilst developing class teachers as curriculum leaders. We ensure that pupils are fully engaged in their learning. Staff development will include Safeguarding and SEN and we will be continuing to work with pupils, parents and staff to develop our behaviour and attendance policies. We will ensure all safety arrangements are kept under regular review and maintain safeguarding and first aid training. We have ensured that there is more than one Designated Safeguarding Lead so that one is always present during school hours.

The DfE have recently reinforced the need ‘to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs’. The government set out its definition of British values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy, and these values have been reinforced recently. At East Farleigh we promote these values in the following ways. Click here

The Governing Body has a  code of conduct that they operate by in addition to a staff code of conduct and a code of conduct for parents. The code of conduct documents form the basis upon which members of the school community are expected to behave. This is in order to provide a safe and friendly environment in which children are happy and confident and feel supported and able to express themselves. All parents of new entrants are asked to sign the code of conduct as part of the enrolment procedure. Current parents are asked to adhere to the new policy. To see a copy please Click here 

The Governing Body has a good record of attendance at meetings and we have never cancelled a meeting because it was not quorate.

Governing Body attendance figures this year are:

  • Full Governing Body Meetings 80%
  • Strategy Team Meetings 100%
  • Teaching and Learning Team Meetings 77%
  • Resources Team Meetings 60%